Democracy And Socialism Discussed By Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen recently made an appearance on the Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report” to discuss the rising influence of socialism on American voters with host Trish Regan. Socialism has been an important aspect of political life for those in many European and South American countries for decades, but has rarely appeared in U.S. politics until the rise of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential election campaign season.

To the surprise of host Trish Regan the Venezuelan born Halvorssen explained his own support for Sanders as being based on the comments of each candidate and their history in terms of human rights. Thor Halvorssen has a large level of experience in understanding the effects of socialism because of his work as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and his youth spent living in Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen was quick to point out the fact that Venzuela had existed with socialist leaning governments for a number of years, but had seen the rise of more difficult to read leaders who used socialism to disguise their true intentions. Since the rise of those who were using socialism as a way to hide their true political intentions the Venezuelan people had been faced with rising food prices leading to problems of a humanitarian nature.

The rise of Bernie Sanders has coincided with a growing movement of U.S. based voters who are looking for an alternative to the establishment candidates on view for the U.S. public to choose between. Sanders is an independent Senator from Vermont who Thor Halvorssen ( has backed with the highest possible financial contribution to his campaign allowed; the Sanders campaign is backed by Thor Halvorssen after he stated the many problems he saw with the history and comments of the other leading candidates for both the Democrats and Republicans. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.

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