Athleisure Trend: Why It Is Here To Stay

In today’s fashion world, you have may have noticed the increasingly popular athleisure trend seen at many retailers worldwide. Athleisure, or athletic leisure clothing is not just your basic athletic wear, though- it’s one of the most trendy fashion statements on and you’ll see it just about everywhere- even on the most popular celebrities. In a recent article it discusses how desired this type of clothing has become and how it’s not going anywhere in the near future.
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The article talks about how versatile these clothes are: they can be paired with simply anything and worn on any occasion. They are no longer just suitable for athletic activities- they have become a whole lifestyle! Not only that, but they come in beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, that are sure to make a statement. Mixing pieces of athleisure with casual wear is a huge trend in Hollywood, you may notice. In 2014, consumers purchased $323 million dollars in athleisure wear, and in 2015, the amount increased by one percent. This popular trend is still going strong. To read more from this Forbes article, visit:

The Krazy Coupon Lady’s amazing Fabletics review is one well known review of the company that has people excited to be a part of the athleisure trend. This website offers subscriptions that will deliver fabulous athleisure separates to your door each month. With celebrity spokeswoman, Kate Hudson makes us want to buy the clothes even more after seeing the styles featured on commercials, Magazines and websites. The styles and patterns are so unique, and the prices are more reasonable than its competitors like Nike and LuLuLemon. Plus, you don’t have to subscribe to purchase from this site- just make an account and buy as you wish!

One thing is for certain- you will not find these styles in any department stores! Each piece is made exclusively for Fabletics, which has big plans to open up retail stores at many locations within the US. The athleisure trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so visit Fabletics to find the trendiest styles at perfectly reasonable prices!

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