Nationwide Tile Clearing’s Calculated Plan for Resolving Title Defects

Nationwide Tile Clearing has been a major player in the real estate sector and has streamlined the property selling or purchase transactions by offering high-quality document processing services. The company has been in the forefront in resolving the issue of title defects, which have caused stagnation of transition of properties within the secondary market. It has started a well-designed and updated website, availing numerous property reports on an online platform. The NTC’s executives argue that property records guarantees a flawless title conveyance and significantly lowers inability to foreclose plus the risk of the buyback.


What causes title defects?


Title defects arise when a person or an organization claims a property that belongs to someone else. Vague and unclear wording that goes against the rules and regulations of the area’s real estate can also cause title defects. Title deeds that are full of encumbrances can slow down the transaction process. Omitting a signature of an important person, for instance, a spouse causes title defects. Additionally, lack of adherence to the recording and filing process when developing real estate paperwork can lead to title defects.


Properties availed by NTC


  • Special Tax Reports


  • Assignment Verification Report Services



  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report


  • Tax Status Report



When preparing reports, NTC uses multiple sources obtained from the counties. The firm adopts automation and human verification practice to guarantee the quality of the reports. It has succeeded due to its ability to understand the unique needs of clients.

National Tile Clearing (NTC)


NTC is a global service provider that specializes in conducting research, audit, and processing documents. The firm delivers its exceptional services to top financiers, lenders, and borrowers. It has been named as the best workplace for five years. It runs a Palm Harbor, FL-headquartered five-building campus. Since its establishment in 1991, NTL has expanded into a trusted provider of assignments and liens services. Initially, NTC opened its doors in California but transferred its business to Palm Harbor back in 2002.


NTC Plans to unveil a New Office in Dallas


NTC has publicly announced its intention to launch a new office that will comprise of a well-equipped data center in Dallas, Texas. Scotty McEntire, who acts as the Chief Information Security Officer, will move to Texas to serve as the head of the new facility. The office will constitute a complete disaster recovery center for all infrastructure, data, and staffing. According to CEO John Hillman, the new facility will keep NTC’s sensitive information safe and secure.

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