George Soros: A Self-Made Billionaire

Who would have thought that an immigrant from Hungary, Budapest would become a billionaire? George Soros immigrated to the land of opportunity in 1956 to pursue the ‘American Dream.’ George left Hungary in 1947 for England before heading to America.

His main purpose was to pursue further education. He joined the London School of Economics for his Bachelor Degree in Philosophy on Forbes. He graduated in 1951 and proceeded to pursue his Master of Science in Philosophy from the same College.

George experienced challenges securing a job after he graduated and he ended up settling for the position as a salesperson. He didn’t give up as he continued to write letters requesting for an interview with the manager of Merchant Banks. George Soros’ hard work finally paid off as he secured a job at the Singer & Friedlander of London. He left for the United States in 1956 joining the F.M. Mayer where he worked as an arbitrage trader. That was when his love for finance and hedge fund started.

His big break came during the Black Wednesday. During this day, George’s fund increased to $ 10 billion. This was when the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Today, it has been estimated that he is worth $25.2 billion. George is the 23rd billionaire in the world 15th in the United States. He has built his wealth through the hedge fund. George is the 10th Richest Hedge Fund Managers. His financial status has given him a voice, and he is one of the most respected figures in the political world even though he is not a politician.

George Soros supporters the Democrats and he has made contributions towards the different causes of the party. In the last American election, he contributed $25 million Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He supported Hilary for two reasons: his friendship for Hilary and his fear for Donald Trump. He has in more occasions than one accused Donald Trump to be working with ISIS.

George recently stated that it is evident that President Donald Trump did not expect to win. He also stated that his ideologies are contradictory which may cause a massive problem in the future.

George Soros has been a great supporter of the refugees and immigrants. He said that he would donate $500 million. The money will be for supporting companies that are founded by refugees and the immigrants.

In 1970, George began supporting different black students in South Africa on He has also been involved in efforts that support the non-violent democratization in Central and Eastern Europe. He contributes $634 million annually to different causes.

George is also an author according to Investopedia. He has published different books, and articles on economics, stock trading and, finance.

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