End Citizens United: A Great Purpose Against Political Unfairness & Abuse

Launched on March 1, 2015, End Citizens United is a political action committee formed to counteract the maneuvers of Citizens United. They are found by grassroots donations in order to fight against the Citizens United’s disastrous effects. It’s disastrous because Citizens United have changed some functionality of American elections through a Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United v. F.E.C. in 2010 which have given them power to legally establish the idea that corporations are people too. And as a result, special interest groups and billionaires can spend untraceable and limitless amounts of money in American’s elections in hopes to tip the political power balance in their favor. Also, Citizens United is going even further than that.


Because of all of this, End Citizens United realized that they have to be stopped. They are working hard and strategically against them and their dark money. They are doing this by raising up the money issue as a national priority in politics, electing candidates of pro-reform, and using the membership of grassroots to show political power regarding the money issue within politics. They are also working with democrats because they are also fighting against Citizens United with their uncontrollable use of money for political gain.


Making Their Purpose More Realized


Citizens United were also planning on becoming a big player in 2016. They wanted to make their name a reality. Within just a few months of being established, they raised over $2 million from small investors. Richard Carbo, the communications director, said around that same time that they were also on track in raising $25 to $30 million for the total period. Other plans around that time included them funding tens of millions of dollars to Democrats throughout the country who competed for the Senate and the House. Additionally, Ends Citizens United has gotten over 325,000 people around that time to sign a petition demanding that Congress pass a legislation to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision concerning Citizens United. And that’s not all, they also planned to back up candidates through direct mailing, polling, and television ads.


There were, however, some republicans who agreed with Ends Citizens United concerning how the undisclosed political spending has been getting out of hand. However, Ends Citizens United were still not siding with the republicans. This is because they felt that the republicans in Congress were hindering them from reversing this disastrous decision from the Supreme Court.


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