Arthur Becker: the Real Estate and Tech Investment Guru

Arthur Becker is a successful real estate and tech investor. He works at Madison Partners, LLC, and an investment firm based in the U.S. where he serves as a managing member. Arthur studied at Bennington College from where he graduated with a B.A in 1972. Arthur worked in a number of high-profile companies including Zinio, LLC, where he served as CEO and chairman of the board of directors between 2012 and 2015. He also worked at NaviSite, where he was the CEO for 10 years and achieved outstanding results during that period. Mr. Becker is skilled in many things including entrepreneurship, business development, business, and marketing strategy among other things.

Secret to success

Arthur is passionate about technology and real estate. He developed an interest in these two fields when he got exposed to them in his line of work. With more than a decade’s experience in the investment field, he is an expert at his job. Arthur has been successful thus far because he realized the importance of setting winning strategies and ensuring their effective implementation, which is greatly influenced by everyone involved. He, therefore, ensures that he carefully selects a good team that is capable of delivering results. More details can be found on Perez Hilton.

He and other executives at Madison Partners, LLC, ensure there is goal congruence throughout the organization by letting everyone in the organization know their vision and mission, and the way to get there. They value every member of the organization and appreciate their contribution to it. Something else that has greatly contributed to Arthur’s success is his open-mindedness and foresight, which is important, attributes to have in the investment field. He listens to his peers in the industry and keeps up with industry trends, especially in the Bio Tech field where many new discoveries are being made every other day. You can visit Crunchbase for details.


Arthur is constantly trying to improve himself and has no regrets whatsoever. He always learns from his mistakes and strives to use them to make better decisions in the future. His leadership skills are excellent as is evident from all the leadership positions he has held during his career, and the great results he always achieves.

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