Jason Hope Talks about Impact of Internet of Things on Employment

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as Arizona’s foremost internet entrepreneur. As one of the first to market with premium mobile content streaming services, he found great early success with his company, Jawa and more information click here.

Recently, Jason Hope has taken to the internet, writing about tech matters and other points of interest for those keen on learning more about where the technology of the future may take us. As a lifelong futurist and avid reader of the technical literature, Hope has many interesting insights to share with his audience regarding the likely course that future technologies will take and the impact that they will have on society as a whole.

One of the areas that generates perennial concern about the future that an increasingly automated workforce will create is the ability of society to continue to employ its workforce. Hope believes that this is actually less of a problem than at first it may seem. He readily acknowledges that, in a future saturated with cheap automation, the vast majority of workers may not be able to obtain full employment and many may not be able to obtain any employment at all and Jason of Linkedin.

But Hope sees this as a benefit rather than a curse. He believes that the new, automated workforce will grant workers huge amounts of leisure time and will guarantee a universal basic income for all. Hope forses, within the next decade, a realization of the promise of the Industrial Revolution, a 10 hour work week and a decent wage for every worker.

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