Eric Lefkofsky Just Keeps on Giving

Eric Lefkofsky is a Michigan born man that has been able to rise to the top when it comes to his entrepreneurship. Eric Lefkofsky worked hard on many different business ideas, and he is known as a serial entrepreneur. Lefkofsky’s net worth is over a billion dollars, and he is an individual who has maintained a spirit of community and giving. Lefkofsky and his wife wanted to do something more for their community, so they decided to create The Lefkofsky Family Fund. This is a fund that has enabled Lefkofsky and his wife to give to different causes and organizations. Not only does their fund offer volunteer services, but they offer individuals the opportunity to lead a more successful and enriching life. The Lefkofsky Foundation is a foundation that has the purpose of improving the lives of individuals in the community and beyond. This fund encourages artistic development, education, and well being. The Lefkofsky Fund has donated a countless amount to individuals in need, and the Lefkofskys’ continue to out due themselves when it comes to giving.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the individuals behind the company called Groupon. Groupon is a very well known internet commerce market. This is a company that offers its subscribers amazing deals on anything from small electronics to peaceful getaways. There is really nothing that a person cannot find on Groupon, because the company found a way to leverage their relationships with local and international business in order to get the best deals possible. It is a place that people can go in order to buy things that they need. Groupon is a company that started off as a brilliant idea, and it has now become an international company that has grossed well over a billion dollars, and the company has well over a million subscribers and more information click here.

Apart from Groupon, Lefkofsky has also created many other companies that have helped him to have the financial success that he has today. Lefkofsky is an outstanding individual, because he has been able to achieve much on a personal and on a professional level and what Eric Lefkofsky knows.

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