Jason Hope – Successful Serial Entrepreneur Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Hope is a name to reckon within the technology sector of the United States. Over the years, Jason Hope has successfully invested in many technology companies and start-ups, few of which have grown to become an established business. He has done graduation in Finance from the Arizona University and completed Masters in Business Administration from WP Carey School of Business. Presently, he is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is associated with many different sectors, including technology, research, biotechnology, and more. He is also known for his popular grant programs in Arizona, designed especially for the meritorious students and entrepreneurs.

Jason Hope takes pride in being a self-proclaimed futurist and is presently hooked to the new age technology named Internet of Things. Jason Hope believes there is a tremendous potential in the Internet of Things technology to pave the way for the future and transform the way we live and do business today. Internet of Things technology would make every known electrical or mechanical device connected to each other in a streamlined manner. The connected created by the Internet of Things would help the end user to control these different devices remotely and promote a smarter and more active lifestyle. Starting from the coffee machine to the fan in your house and from the airplane to a car, anything and everything electrical falls into this category.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology has the potential to replace the technologies we use today, and would help the businesses as well as organizations to reduce redundancies in their operations. The companies would be able to work more efficiently and reduce waste of resources to a great extent. One other thing that Jason Hope believes in as a futurist is that with the help of research on a cellular level, the average lifespan of the people can be greatly enhanced. Jason believes that if an extensive research is done on the subject, there is a possibility that the aging process can be reversed. It is for this reason he donates generously to the research conducted by SENS Research Foundation, which is known to carry out advance research in the field of anti-aging and to find a cure of many terminal diseases. Learn More.

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