A Grain Free Recipe Arrives from Beneful

The launch of the Beneful dog food brand in 2001 came at a time when pet parents around the world were beginning to look at the ingredients in the foods they bought for their canine companions with an increasingly critical eye. Beneful brought a new recipe to the market in 2001 that was largely based on the idea of creating a new form of pet food that was nutritious, tasty, and filled with natural ingredients blended to provide all the nutrition required to allow a dog to remain as healthy as possible and learn more about Beneful.

2017 has seen the arrival of a grain free recipe from Beneful that follows the growing need for pet foods that has been sweeping the world in recent years; the recipe used in Beneful’s grain free pet food has taken this area of the pet food industry into a new realm that sees farm raised chicken used as the most important and largest ingredients in Beneful’s latest release. This tasty recipe will keep all adult dogs happy and each pet parent pleased their dog is being provided with all the nutrition needed to stay healthy through their adult lives.

In developing Beneful’s grain free recipe the brand has removed all traces of corn and gluten that have been known to cause health problems for some dogs; Beneful has also looked to remove other fillers used in many dog foods and included only the simplest and most natural ingredients available.

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