Rick Smith And His Leadership Of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus for some time, and he has ensured that quite a few people will see improvements to their prison calls under his reign. This article shows that Rick has done quite a lot to help people reach their friends and family who are in prison, and he has taken steps that other companies have not yet taken. Someone who is calling with Securus has a secure line, video calling potential and an app that is easy to use.

#1: The Application

Rick wanted to ensure that his company had an app anyone could use, and they created a really nice app that helps them place phone calls or video calls using their Securus account. Someone who is managing their account online will find it quite simple to do, and they will same time and energy that is often wasted when they are away from home. Inmates cannot sit around waiting for calls, and people who are not at home cannot place calls with any other service.

#2: The Video Camera Installations

The video camera installations that have been done by Securus are quite important because they allow people to see their friends and family when they are on the camera. This takes the place of a visitation, and it ensures that there are a number of people who will see people they love when they are speaking to them. The video camera that people use will point directly at their family, and they may use the camera on their phone or tablet.

#3: Rick Insists On Better Technology

There are many people who will use the technology from Securus to call family and friends, but there are police agencies that need Securus and their technology to catch criminals. The voice recognition software that was created by Rick and his team will be used by police and other authorities to find someone who is not doing right in the eyes of the law. They will pick up their voices if they are calling the prisons, and they will ensure that these people may be tracked back to their source. This helps put more people in jail where they belong, and it does not harm the people who are speaking over a secure line.Securus has been run expertly by Rick Smith over the course of time, and everything he does will help make the company grow much more than it already has. He will give more visitation and video services to those who need them, and he will ensure that the company is working with as many jails as possible to improve morale and ensure that inmates may reach those that they love.

Source of the article : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12

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