Should Kabbalah be Reserved for the Jews?

Kabbalah learning institute was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda. By this time, the knowledge was reserved for the few Jews who were over 40 years. The above insinuates that the other Jews were not considered fit enough to study the Kabbalah knowledge. However, Rav Yehuda broke the norm and passed it down to Rav Brandywine, who later passed it to his student Rav Berg in 1969. Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg decided to include people from all walks of life in the institution because the knowledge would reduce the problems, which were rampant in the world. The two also allowed celebrities in because they realized that the more influence the celebrities had, the more social problems they faced, leading most of them to commit suicide or engage in illicit behaviors. To curb the behavior, the couple took many Hollywood stars in as a way of rescuing them from danger and more information click here.

However, after experiencing the knowledge first hand, the various celebrities gave various reasons as to why they embraced it. Case in point, Britney Spears said that it was fun and she enjoyed reading Torah and their books during her free time. She also said that she loved meditating on their teachings every so often. However, after her breakup with her fiancé, she left the teachings and declared that her child was her God. In an interview, she later said that Kabbalah was a teaching she would take on some days and leave on others. She concluded that she might revisit the knowledge in her future. It is the behaviors of celebrities like Britney that the Rabbis continually complain about the knowledge being made public. They argue that some of the stars do not take Kabbalah seriously because they do not know its value and learn more about Kabbalah.

Madonna, who was a pioneer takes the learning seriously. She invested much money in buying material that would help improve her knowledge of her subject. She also spent much time studying to deepen her insight. Later, she opened Kabbalah learning centers where she also enrolled people from all walks of life. Others like Sammy Davis also claimed that the knowledge is very important to their identity and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

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