The Remarkable Achievements of Anthony Petrello at Nabors Industry

Anthony Petrello went to Yale, one of the best universities in the world and he never failed to impress while in school. Despite the fact that he was competing with some of the best scholars and top brains of the world, he still emerged top, and his brilliance did not go unnoticed by the mathematical scholar, Serge Lang. He assisted Serge Lang in solving complex theorem, something the other students could not do and read full article.

Today, Anthony Petrello is the chairman of the executive committee of Nabors Industries Ltd that is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industry is one of the largest natural gas and geothermal drilling companies worldwide. It drills the minerals in the Middle East, Africa, and America. It also extends its services to North America where it offers offshore drilling services.

A long the way, Anthony Petrello got interested in law and joined Harvard Law school to pursue the subject. After studying for over twenty years and getting a postgraduate degree, he began his career journey. He went to the Baker and McKenzie law firm which was the start of his career. He began from a humble level as a chief operating officer in 1992 and rose through the ranks before he finally became the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello is also the director at Stewart & Stevenson and the Texas Children’s hospital.

Apart from his successful career, Anthony Petrello is a philanthropic man. He is not comfortable with a top management that rewards itself heavily ignoring the average workers who perform the most difficult tasks. Unlike most managers, when the company generates less revenue, Anthony Petrello cuts his pay and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

Tony married his long term college girlfriend Cynthia Carafa. Together with his wife, they donate a lot of money to charity every year. Anthony and Cynthia support children who have disabilities, and their motivation is drawn from their daughter who also has special needs. According to Anthony, every morning their daughter wakes up is a miracle and they do not take it for granted. Nabors Industries has grown under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, and for that, he will always be a source of inspiration to many people and learn more about Anthony.

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