Fabletics Takes the Lead in the Clothing Industry

When people look at the history of Fabletics they have to know that there was no way that most consumers would have guessed that this California-based company was going to become this popular. It was started in 2013, and it is the company that has become known for women’s sportswear. It started as a website, but Kate Hudson would prove that there was an audience of offsite users as well. That is why she would endeavor in the offline brick and mortar stores in 2015. Now there are as many as 100 of these stores that are set to open in the next 5 years.


Kate Hudson has become the subscription company that brings athleisure to the mainstream. It is the type of organization that is designed to give people a lot of options if they want clothes that are different from what everyone else is offering. It makes sense to have a brand like this because it allows so many people a chance to build a better wardrobe.


Fabletics has grown over the years, and people are becoming much more interested in how this company is able to provide so many different types of garment. There are definitely people that are going to be impressed with the way the Fabletics has started to offer a wide range of clothing selections for women that want to work out.

There is also a brother company that was started by Fabletics called FL2 that is run by Kate Hudson’s brother. This shows that Kate Hudson is trying to expand her brand and become the leader when it comes to athletic clothing for everyone. The website already offers a large variety of clothing that may not be available in any other places. This is what has made Kate Hudson someone that can compete successfully against companies like Amazon. This has also made it a company that competes very well with other organizations like Dick’s Sporting Goods.


People may wonder how someone like Kate Hudson has been able to make such a huge leap into the outlet clothing arena, but it should come as no surprise if anyone is ever seen Kate Hudson outside of the red carpet. When she is not dolled up on working on a movie Kate Hudson is out running or doing yoga. She is very active, and her desire to be active has given her a strong lead on athletic clothing. She is concerned about the clothes that are comfortable. Hudson is also concerned about providing a level of style with her activewear. These are things that Kate Hudson has been passionate about before she started Fabletics.


It makes perfect sense for her to have more interest on the brand now because of the great amount of athletic clothing that she has already had with clothing from the beginning. There certainly is a large amount of interest in what she has been doing with this athletic clothing, and people are going to be excited about Kate’s clothing picks.

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