Boraie Development Sponsors Free Summer Movie Series

The New Jersey State recently published an article with some movie opportunities this summer that are completely free. The State Theatre is proud to announce that they will be providing a Free Summer Movie Series for everyone in New Brunswick, NJ. The special movie night is brought to you by Boraie Development and Provident Bank Foundation. They are so pleased to be able to bring such a special event to the community for so many people to enjoy. The State Theatre has gathered an awesome array of movies that will be displayed this summer. The movies include Frozen, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University, and Aladdin. Each show will air on a selected date and show times will be at 10:30am and 7:00pm.

The six movies offered at the State Theatre will be completely free to the community, which makes for a great chance for family gatherings or group events. The movies will be held at the historical State Theatre that was built in 1921. The historic movie palace has been providing live entertainment in the New Jersey area for many years. Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation are so pleased to be able to have the opportunity to help bring an event to the community this summer. Hiam Boraie, who serves as the Vice President of Boraie Development, is proud to be able to sponsor the event again and provide locals the chance to see the movies at the remarkable historic venue. They estimate that they will have around 7,500 people attend the event throughout the summer, making it one of the most affordable events in the area. The State Theatre boasts a remarkable projection system with HD digital and a 46′ Stewart film screen. The Barco projector and surround sound allow many people to enjoy the movies from great views. They can choose to sit in the balcony or downstairs of the theatre. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

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