Omar Yunes is Proof that Dedication and Hard Work are Needed to Make it in the Franchise Business

Omar Yunes is well on his way to becoming an enigma in Mexico’s business environment. The businessman recently bagged the top award at the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition held in Florence, Italy. He had been nominated to the international competition following his win of the Mexican version of the BFW. Still quite young, one can only imagine what Omar Yunes will do in the future, given the extent of what he has already accomplished.
Omar Yunes got into the franchise business at the young age of 21. Armed with nothing more than self-belief and dedication, he approached the Japanese company Sushi Itto with the proposal to open up a franchise unit in Mexico. Fortunately, for both parties, Sushi Itto accepted his request, albeit reluctantly. Since then, Omar Yunes has grown the Sushi Itto franchise units in Mexico from a paltry one to a respectable 13 in only a few short years. What is more, these 13 units represent a tenth of all Sushi Itto franchise units worldwide. It is no surprise then that Sushi Itto management was very proud of Omar Yunes’s win at the BFW competition. The attention created by the win will also be good for the Japanese brand.
In his short entrepreneurial career, Omar Yunes has exemplified certain unique management skills that have made him stand out from the rest. Yunes is quite adept at motivating employees, which is not an easy undertaking given the fact that he has more than 400 employees. His employees are competitively paid, and they were among the first group of people he thanked upon receiving his award. Yunes also excels at bringing down operational costs at his units to maximize on returns. As such, there is little doubt that Omar Yunes is the franchisee that has had the greatest influence on Sushi Itto’s franchise network.
Despite the considerable success he has experienced over the last couple of years, Omar Yunes has made sure to remain true to the ethos that have gotten him where he is today. He is more humble, dedicated and hard-working now than he has ever been before.

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