Oncotarget Making Access of Medical Journals available on Pubmed

Oncotarget is a publishing firm that prints study papers in oncology and cancer. The tumor complication and human organism veracity have compelled the company to refocus on other fields. It has expanded services also to cover publishing of immunology, physiology, disease related to age, endocrinology, and pathology.

Copyright Rights

The publishing firm has the creative commons attribution license. The permit allows copyright of the original authors research so long as he retains ownership of the study. However, the writer must allow anybody to get access to the documents or research study, modify and distribute or copy in Oncotarget. The accessed or reprinted articles must have the author and source mentioned. Oncotarget urges its customers to beware of publication ethics and malpractice. The firm holds no responsibility for the decisions of authorship. They advise their clients to consult with the publisher production group regarding authorship amendments.As per the recommendations by the Council of Science Editors, authors must make sure the script indicates a group or individuals who admit the article accountability. In case it is a group responsibility an individual is identified to represent the team, and his details published in the manuscript. The details are indicated as the Corresponding Author on the heading sheet of the article.

Confirming Originality

Oncotarget does not allow any form of plagiarism and practice COPE guidelines. The use Grammarly, and crosscheck (iThenticate) enables the firm to screen received content before publishing. Follow up investigations are conducted in case the checker software indicates any unoriginality. On confirmation of plagiarism, they will reject the manuscript. Of note is that the publisher reserves the right to notify the writer about piracy.

Goal Achievement

The firm has assured its readers that all its scientific publications will be availed on Pubmed. Oncotarget will be the first research journal to succumb entire bio-medical journal to PubMed. It is an achievement of the firm goal which comes days after online publication. The publisher works thoroughly on scientific experts’ data to rapidly make medical results globally available. The information is accessed and widely used by medical practitioners, researchers, and the general public. To entirely offer reliable services Oncotarget indexing process enables individuals to quickly get information from PubMed once they key in the page and issue number. The publishing firm commits to issue two subjects in a week.

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