What Is Giving Fabletics A Competitive Edge Over Its Competitors

Since Fabletics was established in 2013, the company has been straightforward in the design and manufacturing of clothes that are both inclusive and empowering to the final consumer. In 3 years, Kate has been able to grow her company from scratch to a company that is valued at $250 million.


Unlike other company CEOs, Kate has developed the hands-on mentality when dealing with her business Fabletics. Whether decisions on what social media marketing strategy needs to be used or reviewing the company’s budget, Kate has been fully involved. She additionally is engaged with the product design to make sure that the final models going into production remains fresh and will meet the client’s expectations. Kate also takes account of the Fabletics sales numbers to the extent that she knows which clothing brands rent selling.


Taking on a giant corporation such as Amazon which controls a 20% market share when it comes to the fashion online retailing is no easy task. Knowing that Fabletics has been in the industry for just three years and have managed to make themselves a net worth of $250 million goes on to show the drive and determination the brand has. Fabletics has been able to successfully use the subscription strategy to move most of their merchandise to their clients in America and the world over.


Comparing themselves to a company like Apple, the strategy and positioning Fabletics has been using is paying off as the firm Is set to open more stores to the 16 already existing physical outlets.


All this is made possible with the company’s new take on how a modern fashion enterprise should like. As of now, Fabletics has embarked on reimagining how a high-value brand ought to look like. The company is also taking advantage of its membership to design tailored products for its clients for half the price its competitors are making such apparels for, this has given Fabletics a better competitive edge when compared to its competitors.


Fabletics has been encouraging the use of reverse showrooming. This tactic enables the company gets additional clients other than the already subscribed members. Through the dedicated physical stores the firm runs, almost 25% of new clients are acquired from the showrooming experience that isn’t working for a majority of companies. Unlike the use of pop up shops, Fabletics prides itself in forging relationships with clients and that is the reason they are offering the showroom experience to its clients. The showrooms also allow Fabletics clients to go through all available clothing designs as clients would while shopping online for the same products.

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