Rocketship Creates Strong Connection Between School and Home

Rocketship education is a charter school network that seeks to minimize the achieve gap. Often, there is an achievement gap in low income neighborhoods for a variety of reasons, like lack of resources. The staff at Rocketship have found a formula that works: making sure the home life is as stable as possible.

Recently, the floods at Coyote Creek left many Rocketeers in need of assistance. Low income families have difficulty bouncing back from disasters due to lack of resources and money. The staff at Rocketship sprang into action and raised over 60,000 for families in need. The key to a quality education is to ensure the home life is taken care of.

As the society is ever-changing, schools are going back to the basics: families. They want to strengthen the connection between home and school. At the end of the day, engaged families and collaborative relationships between home and school help to result in the best outcome for students. Life can be complex, and Rocketship helps to equip their students with the academic and social skills to overcome obstacles.

Parental involvement is key to student success. An engaged and active parent helps a child to foster a love of learning and feel supported at home. Rocketship is a charter school network that understands this and uses the home connection as a way to help their students. Teachers are required to do home visits, which will allow for understanding their student’s obstacles. Parents are also involved in crafting the theme and value at the school. Each community has different needs and having parental involvement helps to ensure the students’ needs are met.

They keep the connection between the school and home ongoing. From home visits to disaster relief, the school knows the key to success is the family remaining strong.

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