Roc Nation Breaks New Ground with the Aid of Desiree Perez

For more than 20 years, Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z has been on an amazing rise through the entertainment industry beginning in the music industry before expanding into many different business areas of the industry. As always, there is a power behind the throne of the “Illuminati” hitmaker which in this case belongs to the executive, Desiree Perez. The meteoric rise of Jay-Z and the Roc Nation brand has been orchestrated by Desiree Perez and the other members of the Hova Circle of Influence which has managed the business side of the work of Shawn Carter for over 20 years.

The role of Desiree Perez has suddenly risen to become one of the most important parts of the Roc Nation story after the executive was named to the list of most influential female members of the entertainment industry in 2017. Roc Nation could be said to be the brainchild of Desiree Perez after she negotiated the deal with Live Nation to establish the brand in 2008; prior to the establishment of Roc Nation, Perez had worked with Carter’s own SC Enterprises.

Desiree Perez has grown in stature in the entertainment industry due to her role as a powerful negotiator who has made some of the largest deals in the industry. Among the deals brokered by Desiree Perez are the initial $100 million deal to establish Roc Nation with the Live Nation brand, and the renegotiated deal signed in 2017 worth a further $200 million; a similar figure was negotiated with telecom giant Sprint to improve the fortunes of the Roc Nation streaming platform, Tidal. The development of the career of Desiree Perez has continued to move forward growing in importance along with the entire Roc Nation brand over the course of the last decade and beyond.


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