Philanthropist Jason Hope Supports SENS Anti Aging Research With Generous Donations

Jason hope, an established entrepreneur, is an expert in many areas of business-related areas. He dedicates his work to researching and implementing modern innovations into the world of business and scientific research. His philanthropic interests vastly impact his work in science research innovation. While achieving accomplishments in the field of business and changes, Hope is also a major contributor to scientific research dedicated to battling age diseases.

Hope, originating from Tempe, AZ, studied Arizona State University. During his education within the facility, Hope obtained extensive knowledge in Finance and went on to receive an MBA with the W>P Carey School of Business. Past his college years, Hope went on to achieve admirable success in business ventures at a speedy pace and with major success. Nowadays, Hope is a popular and trusted advisor in various areas. He shares his knowledge and thoughts to talented individuals and groups in the are of scientific research and business.

Jason Hope made generous donations for purposes of scientific research as a part of his philanthropic efforts. In 2010, Hope donated $500000 to enable the SENS foundation to complete its research program. SENS foundation focused their work on the research in the area of anti-aging, researching diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Thanks to the generous donation, SENS equipped its Cambridge-based laboratory and implemented a cutting-edge research program aimed to research the products of the advanced glycation within the human tissue.

Explaining his fascination with the SENS’s work and the field of anti-aging research, Hope expressed his appreciation for taking a new approach to the matter. Hope highlights the foundation’s dedication to discovering a cure for life-threatening diseases that are breaking up the bodily tissues. The tissue decay results in faster aging, which is something Hope hopes to contribute preventing.

Besides Alzheimer’s, SENS works on researching heart and lung diseases. These illnesses affect all of the bodily functions. What Hope notices is that the traditional medicine focuses on treating these diseases after they’ve already taken effect. What Hope wants to contribute to is the prevention of these diseases, which is something SENS foundation works on diligently.

Employing numerous talented researchers, SENS works thanks to the support of willing individuals and philanthropists. Their goal is to work on the prevention of the world’s leading aging-related disease, bringing the innovation into the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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