Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is a rather small but also a rather friendly airport located on the island of Upolu. This island is one of two major islands that make up this nation, along with a number of smaller islands. In 1959 Polynesian Airlines was established which provided air services between Samoa and American Samoa via the city of Pago Pago. It was in 1971 that the government of Samos acquired an interest in Polynesian Airlines in order to help tourism and other interests.

It was in 1982 that another airline, Ansett Airlines, took over flying into Fagali’I Airport. They started out with a five year contract but it lasted all the way until 1997. At that point an agreement was signed with Air New Zealand which signed a deal to jointly do future sales, marketing, and operating details together as Samoa was such a popular destination for New Zealand inhabitants.

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It was in 2005 that Fagali’I Airport was owned by Polynesian Blue. This was a newly established airline company jointly owned by Virgin Blue and the government of Samoa. Eventually this arrangement resulted in Samoa spending half of their annual budget on airplane flights to and from this country which was obviously unattainable. The government of Samoa suspended flights and pulled out of being involved in the airport.

After this pull out of the Samoa government, Polynesian Airlines had continued to operate private flights back and forth to American Samoa using turboprop planes according to expedia.com. In 2011 the owner of this airline, Virgin Blue, made a statement that from that year going forward the airline would be known as Virgin Samoa.

Just last year the Samoan government made a decision that Virgin Samoa had to be shut down due to a loss of profits on their end. They also announced that a new business entity known as Samoa Airlines would take over operations. Since that time Fagali’I Airport has been managing reasonable revenue and profit margins.

Samoa is a pretty popular place to visit particularly for those in Australia and New Zealand who want to get way from the regularly beaten path of the South Pacific.

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