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Jason hope is an entrepreneur from Tempe, who is successfully running multiple tech-related startups. His interest in education, politics, the internet of things and new technologies has made him a proud donor to many startups. Some of the most admirable donations are made to students. They can fill out a form on his website and provided that they have a useful and innovative idea, they get funded directly by Hope.

Among his interests, medicinal development is high upon the list. Since 2010, Hope has been supporting a charity called SENS. The organization is built to be able to provide the local public access to technology that can stop them from aging. This may sound like a beauty regime, however, the process could potentially save people from a number of common diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Mostly the medicinal research is based around curing a disease, once it has occurred. However, SENS is one such organization that is working to prevent them from happening in the first place. Most of the above-mentioned diseases, occur at a later age in life and are often the result of aging.

Jason hope started by donating $500,000 to this organization. The donation had a significant impact on the pace on which the work was being done. The leader and chief science officer of SENS, Aubrey de Grey, has mentioned that Hope’s donation would be directly aiding the development of medicines known as, AGE-breakers. The drug tries to eliminate advanced glycation end products, that accumulate in the flesh as humans age. This accumulation reduces the flexibility of veins and skin. Being able to eliminate them may prevent artery-cell proteins from bonding, which would reduce the arteries from hardening and initiating high blood pressure.

Scientists have already been able to develop the AGE-breaker medicine for small animals, adapting this concept to be able to help humans is currently being worked on. The SENS is working towards similar goals. This preventative research for diseases is largely ignored by the medical community, However, Jason Hope believes that it will be transforming the industry and how we approach issues as well. His donations have been able to empower this charity to be able to take their research to new heights, by developing a laboratory program in the United Kingdom. The founders of SENS, on multiple occasions, have praised and highlighted the importance of the donations by Jason hope.

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