NGP VAN Changes the Landscape of Campaign Canvassing

NGP VAN, a new technology solutions company has changed how we canvass in campaigns. Political parties jointly allocated a $6.4 billion on campaigns in 2016’ federal elections. In recent times, we utilized a lot of time, effort, and capital in pinpointing the right voter demographics and partisan districts in order to urge voters to become engaged. Campaign volunteers and workers spent excessive hours shooting in the dark via door-to-door, telephone, or flyer outreach efforts. The campaign’s organizers seek out local citizens in hopes of tagging tenable voters that would recognize their party as a viable candidate at the polls. This process, which required tedious measures, was still was not able to produce significant results in the political operation.

NGP VAN has created sophisticated software and tools that guide campaigns through the cutting turf. The program engineers effective campaign resources such as maps and walk lists for political canvassers. Their new MiniVAN component has become a much sought-after solution. MiniVAN is a mobile app designed for both Android and iOS systems. The best part of it is that the app is free. The MiniVAN component, or Distributed Canvassing, extends deeper to create streamlined, automated map and route assignments for canvassers. Distributed Canvassing allows political organizer groups to choose various regions, the tool easily selects which areas require canvassing. The program produces lists for each canvasser and volunteer, down to the preferred travel route. Canvassers simply access the details from their smartphones opposed to handling mountains of paperwork for numerous districts or neighborhoods.

NGP VAN aims to address specific demographics with language and views that are relevant to them. NGP VAN offers the ability for canvassers to produce customized scripts for potential voters. NGP VAN alert canvassers of citizens or households that have veteran status. Here, the canvasser has an opportunity to incorporate applicable viewpoints from their candidate. NGP VAN has generated a robust platform that takes much of the guesswork and error out of election campaigning. Their ingenuity has allowed candidates to focus funding on other campaign efforts. NGP VAN has also allowed canvassers, volunteers, and organizers to remain energized in their efforts in driving for a successful campaign win.


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