Ara Chackerian, Savior of Nature and Savvy Businessman

It is very rare in life to find a business man who is successful at the highest level and who also understands how to strike a balance in nature as well. As Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx’s chair, and VP at PSS / World Medical, Ara Chackerian is that businessman. He created Limonapa Teak company in Nicaragua, which provides jobs to local residents while also helping to tactically maintain the diversity and longevity of the forests in Nicaragua. Teak, a very highly sought-after type of wood which is used in building boats, is sparingly harvested and trimmed from forests in order to create orders for teak clients in addition to jobs for the locals. Like the Japanese who also understand the value of nature and keeping it alive through what they call “Forest bathing”, or Shinrin-Yoku, Ara truly has been involved with environmental businesses worldwide. Again in Michigan, he is seeing how there business model of selective forest thinning and rotation has added 21 million dollars per year to the state budget, while keeping loggers and paper companies happy (in addition to environmental groups and state governmental bodies).




Apparently in Michigan, there is a species of bird which is called the Wirtland’s warbler that needs trees to be more compact we planted in order to have fulfilled habitat. Ara notes that this is different from the way in which humans may prefer to engage in exercise in the forest, where things can be more scenic with more spaced-out trees. In ecosystems and forests around the world, balance is always crucial. There will always be hikers, bikers, walkers, photographers, and the like. You can visit their website



Forestry is truly one of Ara‘s passions, and it has shown through his work in Nicaragua as well as through his interest in the Michigan environmental scene. More information on Ara can be found at

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